Join us with Lifted Hands as we Worship in 2020 with Clear Vision.

Weekly Worship Schedule

Sundays, 3:00PM

Worship with us

7647 Hayvenhurst Ave STE 31

Van Nuys, CA 91406

Pastor Timothy Alden

Join The Movement

It’s not church business as usual. It is Church REDEFINED.

The Mission

The movement is a people who have come to realize their unique design and authenticity; while also realizing that they will not fit within the structures of dysfunctional man made systems.

The Movement is a people who’s unique life experiences have caused them to be revolutionary, out of the box thinkers, visionaries, forerunners, and problem solvers.

The movement is a people who carry a burden to transform the culture through entrepreneurship, purpose driven relationships, team building, and collaborative efforts. These supernaturally formed relationships will awaken hidden potential, release resources, and provide accountability. This will bring about the execution of strategies that turn dreams and ideas into reality.

The Movement will destroy stagnation and lethargy, inspiring and empowering individuals to make clear, decisive Spirit led decisions that create a flow that brings about a global transformation.



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February 2020
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